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by !kcoRs'teL
01 July 2017, 16:41
Forum: Part 8 - Gotta light ?
Topic: The Golden Haze
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The Golden Haze

When the Giant floats up and releases all that golden haze that coalesces into the globe with Laura's 'essence' (I assume) within, do we think that this is the same sort of golden haze that Carl Rodd saw rising up from the little boy when he died in the road? If so, I wonder if the implication is th...
by !kcoRs'teL
26 June 2017, 17:03
Forum: Part 8 - Gotta light ?
Topic: today i've cried
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Re: today i've cried

It was beautiful and it was terrifying and it took my breath away while watching it, and continues to catch my breath whenever I think about it. An incredible show.
by !kcoRs'teL
20 June 2017, 13:59
Forum: Part 7 - There’s a body all right
Topic: Dale Coop in ICU room?
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Re: Dale Coop in ICU room?

I found myself wondering if 430 would turn out to be the number of Audrey's hospital room and that what Mister C got up to in there led to the existence of Richard and Linda.
by !kcoRs'teL
14 June 2017, 19:36
Forum: Part 6 - Don’t die
Topic: Keeping Up With The Joneses
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Keeping Up With The Joneses

While I, like most viewers I imagine, give a little cheer every time Coop has a momentary flash of his old self, I'm really enjoying the scenes with 'Dougie' and his family. It's as if Cooper's dispossessed spirit has invaded one of those family sitcoms where some bumbling bozo with an improbably at...
by !kcoRs'teL
14 June 2017, 18:50
Forum: Part 5 - Case files
Topic: Evil Cooper in the mirror
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Re: Evil Cooper in the mirror

The person claiming to be Philip Jeffries mentions during their phone call with Mister C that they will be with Bob again. I'm wondering if somehow the doppelganger Cooper has overpowered BOB and has him trapped somewhere in the dark inside him. Unlike Leland, he certainly seems to have some control...
by !kcoRs'teL
14 June 2017, 18:34
Forum: Part 6 - Don’t die
Topic: Hit and run....
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Re: Hit and run....

In the original pilot Cooper refers to Teresa Banks as having been murdered in Southwest Washington, while Twin Peaks is in the North West of Washington, so a car ride would take a few hours. The Secret History seems to place Deer Meadow closer to Twin Peaks, and whether it's a new Fat Trout Trailer...