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by dale_coop
15 June 2017, 14:03
Forum: Parts 1 & 2 - My log has a message for you / The stars turn and a time presents itself
Topic: The Glass Box
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Re: The Glass Box

I don't agree with tis theory, for me it's not Audrey. Why she would do that, it would imply she find out about the Black Lodge. How!? It doesn't make sense. Audrey might still be working(managing) the Great Northern, and I think she will be introduced by finding the Cooper's room key (that Jade rec...
by dale_coop
14 June 2017, 08:39
Forum: Part 6 - Don’t die
Topic: Missing pieces of the puzzle...
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Re: Missing pieces of the puzzle...

Really nice facundo, thanks for the pics
"Oh Annie"
<3 <3 <3

The next episodes will be yrev very interesting! Can't wait!
by dale_coop
13 June 2017, 13:54
Forum: Parts 3 & 4 - Call for help ! / ...…brings back some memories
Topic: Special Effects
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Re: Special Effects

When I started watching the first Part, I thought the SFX was weird (like they were made in the 90's or something). But then, when I finished the first 2 parts, I started to really like them. Nowaday, everyone tv series use the same SFX, it tends to become invisible, anonymous,... (boring ?). But he...
by dale_coop
13 June 2017, 13:14
Forum: Season 3 General Discussion
Topic: Question pour les francophones.
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Re: Question pour les francophones.

J'ai regardé les premières saisons en VF à l'époque, les ai re-[...]-re-regardé en VF sur mes VHS. Au début de l'Internet, du partage, puis de l'arrivée des DVD, les ai toujours regardé en VO. Je regarde cette nouvelle saison évidemment en VO. Mais ma curiosité m'a poussé à re-regardé les PART I &am...
by dale_coop
10 June 2017, 09:12
Forum: Season 3 General Discussion
Topic: References to his earlier works
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Re: References to his earlier works

Yrev, very interesting these comparisons
Thanks guys.
by dale_coop
08 June 2017, 13:01
Forum: Season 3 General Discussion
Topic: David Bowie cameo
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Re: David Bowie cameo

Nice, Facundo. I agree, I think we will see David Bowie as Jeffries... I don't know if Lynch managed to shoot some scenes with him for this season, or if we will see old (unused or deleted) footage from 90's. The Argentina plot is very exciting, can't wait to see more ;) ( fact, we already wait...
by dale_coop
06 June 2017, 14:52
Forum: Part 5 - Case files
Topic: Hawk's Heritage
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Hawk's Heritage

At the light of recent events (Briggs almost confirmed in that part5), I was watching again the first episodes, and a particular scene caught my attention. (I don't know if it was already mentioned somewhere, but...) When the 2 cops enter in Ruth's appartment, we can see her collection of books on t...
by dale_coop
06 June 2017, 13:01
Forum: Part 5 - Case files
Topic: Are you ready?
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Re: Are you ready?

Ah ah, nice trick, the 7 days free app ;)
I will give it a try.
by dale_coop
06 June 2017, 12:59
Forum: Season 3 General Discussion
Topic: Season 3 Soundtrack
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Re: Season 3 Soundtrack

Yeah, she's better singer than actress :P
by dale_coop
06 June 2017, 11:58
Forum: Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me
Topic: Forthcoming Criterion 4k release
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Re: Forthcoming Criterion 4k release

Always a good news when a Criterion edition is announced. Personnaly, I had every box editions of the series & movie that been released (vhs/laserdisc,dvd, goldbox dvd, uk dvd, french dvd, then came "The Entire Mystery"). I updated each time with the newer edition that came. But now, I...