Evil Cooper in the mirror

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Evil Cooper in the mirror

Post by Ludolynch » 09 June 2017, 14:24

When Evil Cooper stares at the mirror, and a morphing reveals BOB's mouth (and chin ?)... it's a "yrev very" disturbing moment ! :?
A subtle way, for Lynch, to show BOB's presence without showing a "digital Frank Silva" or a new actor... Well done !

But I have one question : why does Evil Cooper have to say "you're still with me" ? As if he wasn't sure that BOB was still there...

Maybe BOB "goes out" whenever he wants and comes "back home" later... But in general, we don't fully understand how "things work" with BOB. Maybe we'll never know.
Dale Cooper is not what he seems...

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Re: Evil Cooper in the mirror

Post by !kcoRs'teL » 14 June 2017, 18:50

The person claiming to be Philip Jeffries mentions during their phone call with Mister C that they will be with Bob again. I'm wondering if somehow the doppelganger Cooper has overpowered BOB and has him trapped somewhere in the dark inside him. Unlike Leland, he certainly seems to have some control over when BOB emerges and by how much.

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