Hit and run....

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Hit and run....

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When Richard Horne hits the kid with his truck, it very much mirrors the scene in FWWM where the one armed man yells at Leland for " stealing the corn...from the can...". I think it's the same intersection. There's an old man with a walker who almost gets smoked by the one armed man in FWWM, but in this episode the kid was struck. My question is, how close is the Fat Trout trailer park to Twin Peaks? Is it even possible for Carl to take a car ride there for the day? And is this indeed the same intersection as in FWWM? Very interesting if so. 😎

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Re: Hit and run....

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I think you're probably right about the intersection! looks very much like the same place. Also, I noticed that the sign at Carl's trailer park said "New" Fat Trout Trailer Park. The word New had been added. So maybe he moved the park to Twin Peaks? Maybe he wanted the move back to his old hometown?

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Re: Hit and run....

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In the original pilot Cooper refers to Teresa Banks as having been murdered in Southwest Washington, while Twin Peaks is in the North West of Washington, so a car ride would take a few hours. The Secret History seems to place Deer Meadow closer to Twin Peaks, and whether it's a new Fat Trout Trailer Park or the old one, the same telegraph pole seen in ominous close up in FWWM seems to still be present.

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Re: Hit and run....

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An interesting video comparing both scenes. It fits so perfectly...

Call for help !

Roland K. / Lynchland

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