Who is the dreamer ?

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Who is the dreamer ?

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Laura is The One .

Any thoughts ?

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Re: Who is the dreamer ?

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Each time I watch a David Lynch's film (and very often when I watch one of his paintings or any other of his artworks), there are TWO questions that never leave me.

1) What is "the eye of the duck" in what I'm watching ?

2) Who's perspective am I seeing this from ?

The second question has always been decisive to me to understand most of David Lynch's films (and, for instance, it's easy to know why when you think about Mulholland Drive, which is the perfect "exercise" for this question).


In the new Twin Peaks, talking about "the eye of the duck" is probably not easy, as it's such a long project, but we could perhaps answer Part 8. The most essential question here is probably #2, and this line makes this totally explicit, and it was stunning for me to hear such a thing that is constantly in my mind. So, yes, who's perpective are we seeing "Twin Peaks - The Return" ? Or, to formulate this with Gordon's words, who is the dreamer ? As this perspective is an obsession of mine, I have thought about various possibilities since the very beginning of the new season, and I won't detail them right now though.

- Dale Cooper
- Gordon Cole (who's more and more central in this new season)
- Phillip Jeffries (but as he said "We live inside a dream" himself, this doesn't really seem likely)
- Audrey Horne but I think something else will explain his behavior

But the only answer that keeps inhabiting me, Part after Part, is always the same, and even more since Part 10 : Laura herself, as I'm sure David L. has done everything he could to include Laura Palmer in his great finale.

Laura is the One.
Call for help !

Roland K. / Lynchland

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