Don't die !

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Don't die !

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“Please remember you are dealing with the human form.” - "The Alphabet"

This quote from David Lynch's short film applies particularly to the new Twin Peaks Part 6 to me.

Part 1 & 2 : Sideration
Part 3 & 4 : Hilarity
Part 5 : Transition

That's very basically how I have "lived" the initial parts so far. Part 6 brings something totally new : a very rich blend of human feelings and emotions that contrast with each other in a very striking manner. I know a lot of people can no longer bear Cooper's current situation (I insist on the "Cooper" name, as we have almost not seen "the real Dougie", even if this expression seems an oxymoron), but "Cooper as Dougie" moved me to tears in almost all his sequences in Part 6, from his relations with his son to the way he interacts with most people silently (well, OK, he also makes me laugh quite a lot !) But there have been so many other emotions depicted here, and this contrast is above all present in the "murders sequences" : the "hit and run" sequence is one of the most devastating thing I had seen since a long time (and, oh, it's so so good to see our dear Harry Dean back !) and, in a opposite way, the "Spike murder", which is even more violent though, is treated by David L. totally differently in a very graphic and parodic style.

A few other sequences mix opposite feelings, as for instance the "Magic Red" scene, which is so ambiguous we never really know what we "must" feel while watching it. But it is good to see that David L. is still a master when it comes to describe how complex our feelings are.

Consider this only as a kind of introduction, there are so many things to say.


About the hit and run sequence : it seems it is located at the very same spot as this marvellous sequence in TP FWWM
Call for help !

Roland K. / Lynchland
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