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2 Peaks 2 + 1 (David Phelps / Mubi)
Changes to the past create ruptures into the present that result in multiple, simultaneous timelines in parallel universes. Just as different versions of Cooper can inhabit the same universe, the same version of Cooper can inhabit different universes simultaneously. Thus it is not Dougie but Dale who returns home to the suburbs to say that most magical word, “home,” while in another timeline Dale returns to a different home, Laura’s, to a very different result.


In other words, it is Dale himself, rather than the Fireman or Judy, who helped create this world by changing the past . As viewers, at least, we also inhabit multiple storylines: both these futures are equally valid to our eyes. Given the giant superimposed Dale face in episode 17, we might assume that the worlds we see are those Dale sees as well
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