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“The absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence” (Meredith Borders | Birth Movies Death)
“Albert’s only in the last eight minutes or so of “Part 3,” but his presence is an immediate balm, one of the soothing, unbreakable ties binding The Return to Twin Peaks of old. Like everything familiar in The Return, he is deepened here, complicated, matured. We get a moment of the old comedy – Albert hollering at poor deaf Cole – and we get plenty of Albert’s no-nonsense competency, his bone-deep proficiency at the work of being a federal investigator. But we also get this one brief, poignant line delivery, a moment of wistfulness at odds with Albert’s gruff exterior. After hearing that his old colleague and friend Special Agent Dale Cooper has been spotted, Albert sighs to Special Agent Tammy Preston, “The absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence…” and then, snapping back to the wry grump we met in 1990, “How about a truckload of Valium?” [...]


Ferrer was taken from us too soon, but that we were given this last visit with his best-loved character is a miracle worth cherishing.”
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