The Glass Box

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Re: The Glass Box

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I don't agree with tis theory, for me it's not Audrey.
Why she would do that, it would imply she find out about the Black Lodge. How!?
It doesn't make sense.

Audrey might still be working(managing) the Great Northern, and I think she will be introduced by finding the Cooper's room key (that Jade recently posted).

The Bilionnaire.... Annie? Some government secret organization? ... Johnny Horne?
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Re: The Glass Box

Post by Ludolynch »

I don't think Audrey could be the billionaire. In my opinion, it wouldn't make any sense.

She didn't know anything about the Lodge, so how would she know there's a Bad Cooper outside and a Good Cooper inside, when nodody else know ?
Another thing : she was certainly badly wounded by the explosion, so I guess Bad Cooper disappeared before she could even ask about him... Who knows about her current condition ?

I think the glass box is related to the Blue Book project (military secrets), or someone as evil as Windom...
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Re: The Glass Box

Post by Lynchland »

Francis Bacon / Man in Blue (1953)

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Re: The Glass Box

Post by OvercoatMan »

Lynchland wrote: 05 July 2017, 13:10 Francis Bacon / Man in Blue (1953)



On the note, hope we find out who is the billionaire who owns the place/glass box. We are now into S3 E15, it has not been addressed yet but it's assuming Mc C is the billionaire as he wanted to trapped or divert Dale cooper return Or originally wanted to trap babalon??

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