Cherry Pie

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Cherry Pie

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Did anyone else notice the erratic editing on the last scene with Dougie and the Mitchums? Not only was it erratic, it was also cut with short clips. Most of Twin Peaks has had long held shots. This scene didn't. It kept jumping around between the characters. And no camera movements. I will have to watch it again, but it was very jarring in effect and built an incredible tension that didn't go anywhere.

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Re: Cherry Pie

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Hi Tsquid!
The first scene with Becky too. Of course it has action, but the editing was super-fast too. Lots of very short shots, when she takes the gun and goes out for instance. The episode felt explosive. Maybe the editing was fast-paced to give that feeling. Very different from the long shots of the first episodes, with that cold feeling, for instance in New York. Here it's more like a "heartbeat". Maybe it's life coming back inside Good Dale? And passions/melodrama coming back in Twin Peaks?
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